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News on Carfentanil

We encourage the members of our community to read these articles on a potentially lethal substance: Allan Woods, “Powerful W-18 drug showing up more frequently on Canada’s streets,” Toronto Star, 3 October 2016 Nadia Sheikh, “Deadly Carfentanil: 100 Times Stronger th

New Head Office (Administration, Accounting, HR)

The Ottawa Freedom Center has a new Head Office! Our new contact information for Administrative, Accounting, and Human Resource matters is: Suite 700, 1 Rideau St Ottawa, ON K1N 8S7 613-670-5763   Our Head Office is open 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our locatio

Top Cover

Top Cover (Soldiers Helping Soldiers and their families) is moving into the 1st floor of 265 Montreal Road! The Grand Opening will be in January 2017 (date TBA) As we are all aware, if it were not for our military members and their families, we would not have the freedom we have now!

Jennine Bradley MSW, RSW,

  BILINGUAL REGISTERED SOCIAL WORKER    Jeannine is a social worker who has both volunteered and worked in the community for over twenty years with organizations such as Ottawa-Carleton School Board, Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization, Spelling Bee of Canada an


To bring a positive vision, attitude, awareness and reality to individuals who need a helping hand; To give people the ability to achieve their life goals and to set their dreams in motion; Through our dedicated staff, consultants and volunteers the Centre stands ready to help others from all walks of life and at any stage in their life.